Tuesday, September 13, 2011

purple maze

YEAH! It's finished.  This is my practice quilt. Charlotte and Janie said it was OK to make a few mistakes so I outdid myself! Mistakes galore, but I learned a lot from them and I might repeat some of the on purpose!  I did every kind of free motion quilting I could work in on these!

Quilt and wall hanging in place...

Jesse and Ted holding it up for it's photography session.

I like the partial dresden plate in the corners.

The tiny bright yellow dots are thread turds.  I did not do my direction changed fast enough and the machine left these little turds. 

Turds don't show up so much on the top... :)

Lots of thread painting on this...should have done it BEFORE sandwiching it...All that stitching made it shrink unevenly so the border looked more like a ruffle.  I stretched it onto a frame to try and work that out but it still is not quite right.

Mountain closeup

Example of dense thread painting.

charity quilt

I have not posted anything new for a while, so today I make 2 posts.  I made this quilt for a raffle for Hometown Heroes.  Turns out through some error that it actually went to an organization for our men overseas. and it will be auctioned ...not raffled.  I was very upset about it but decided to just let it go.  Tomorrow is another day and there are many more quilts to be made.