Monday, July 26, 2010

My Sewing Studio

Last year I decided to turn my Pottery studio into a sewing studio. I love doing pottery, but it takes very strong, steady hands to work the potting wheel and I am at an age where I don't want to work that hard! So I have gone back to my first love... sewing. It used to be an unfinished shed type of building. We put up wallboard and a patio door, a little paint and some curtains, and voila! Sewing Studio!

This spring, my three sisters came for a week of sewing, talking, laughing and having some fun. We have all had some health issues in the last few years so we dubbed the week TBASSS (The Broke Ass Sisters Sewing Soiree). We had a wonderful week!

I have a Husqvarna Designer 1, a Janome Serger, and an Industrial machine for uphostery. I love them all!

These pictures were taken before I re-did the chair.
That is, all of them but this last one. I took it this morning. My husband has his "man cave".... I have my 'girlie grotto'...

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  1. What a cute place you have! I, too, would have a good time sewing or doing my craft in that space. But what I like the most are the window and door treatments that you made for the space. It made the patio door look lovely with the flowery fabric.