Sunday, October 7, 2012

Well the craft show is done.  We had a really good time, met some wonderful people who showed appreciation for our 'creative talent' and we made a little money too.  I have orders for a purse and my Asian quilt was put 'on layaway.'   She will stop and make payments on it at our store. In the meantime, I keep the quilt until it's paid off.  She came back to our booth 4 or 5 times to pet the quilt but she did not try to get the price down and she admitted it was underpriced as it was.
Ted sold some of his pens and a couple of other small items.  We bartered a bit and I got a hanging vegetable basket for onions or potatoes. Lots of folks petted the elephant, the cat purse and the dragon but no takers on those.  All in all I think we did pretty well for first timers.

This was before the lights went out and before the event started

Had I know we would be working in a cave, I would have worn my fake animal skins...

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