Thursday, March 13, 2014


I made these thread stands for our upcoming TBASSS (The Bitchin' and Stitchin' Sewing Sisters) (Used to be the The Broke Ass Sisters Sewing Soiree') I always like to make a little something for our get-togethers and decided this would be it for this year. I asked DH to rout and drill the bases and cut the doweling for me, which he graciously did but after I started, I couldn't stop..these were so much fun to make! The best thing about them though is that you can use any kind of spool with any sewing machine with these stands.
Nest post, I'll show you my new ripper helper that I designed and had Ted turn on the lathe for me!
Until then....keep on sewing!

Charlotte picked this one

Janie picked this one

Margie picked this one

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