Thursday, October 14, 2010

OMG! I quilted the whole da....darned couch!

This project has taken me 5 long months to complete. There have been many ups and downs during the process, but it is finished now...YIPPEE!
I started with a basic kaliedescope quilt in shades of brown, teal, blue and beige. I used MANY spools of thread, many yards of fabric, and many hours of my time.
I apologize for the quality of the photos below. Some are better than others...they got much better after I cleaned the camera lens...nuff said... Check out the rest of 'em!
The quilt back is made of leftover fabrics from the front and from fabrics I bought for the front but did not use.
Below, is the foundation of the couch. I quilted whole cloth in muted golden brown on the arms and the same fabric in dark brown on the front. I tacked it down in several places so it will not shift as so many couch covers do, but the tacks are easily removable when I need to wash the cover.

Here, the quilt is simply laid over the seat cushions and back.

VOILA! Add the cushions and as you can see, I have quilted the whole couch!

The ENTIRE couch...

This couch is in my sunporch and it makes a great bed. Which is what gave me the idea to quilt the couch in the first place. It also gives me a great place to snuggle in while watching TV!

This is a closeup of the arm treatment...
Closup of cushions...They are all zippered covers so they are easily removed for laundering. Sooooo.... I can now wash my couch..... cool...
more cushions
Closup of some quilting. I used the meandering free motion quilting style because it was the easiest one to master and I wanted fairly dense quilting because this quilt will get a lot of use on my sun porch!
And last but not least.... my remote control and eyeglass caddy! I used to just keep them on the arm of the couch and they either wound up on the floor or in the couch cushions!
This was really a huge project and at times I was discouraged about finishing it. My 3 sisters have teased, cajoled, and encouraged me to keep going on it and I thank them all for that.... I would not have finished it without them!
Big thank you hugs to all of you!


  1. What a huge undertaking. I really like your color choices and some of those hexagons are spectacular. I'd love to see a photo with the other side of quilt showing. I've always been a sucker for log cabin designs.

  2. This is beautiful! Very classy and functional too. It just goes to show you how wonderful quilts are! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Can I say WOW! I can't imagine very taking on that kind of project. You are amazing! I have to say another WOW!