Wednesday, January 26, 2011


 This post is for me.  As I began this new year, I was thinking of how many projects I wanted to do.  I got a late start in 2010 and didn't get as much done as I 'should' have.  Then I started going though the photos of  projects that I have done this year and was really shocked at how many quilts I had actually completed.
My first attempt at quilting in many years! I wanted a kitchen tablecloth that would protect my table.  A Kaliedescope filled the bill...I did not feel confident about quilting it (my first attempt at free motion quilting, so.....

I took some left over hexagons, appliqued them to an old pillowcase and practiced free motion quilting on it before I quilted the tablecloth.

This one was done for Ted's mom on Mother's Day.

This covers the fuse box in my Studio.  Made from leftovers from Ann's Quilt

Another Mother's Day quilt. This one for my Mom to put over the bed in her guest room.

From the first TBASSS a tablecloth for Granny!

I did not actually quilt this one.  It covers a window in my stairwell that gets a lot of light.  My first attempt at dying my own fabrics!

I call this one 'Sparkling Garden'  It hangs in my office and I often look up and see something in it that I had not noticed before.  That is the facinating thing about kaleidesope quilts!

Close up of Sparkling Garden

This was when I was designing the above quilt.  trying out different arrangements.

Another attempt to hand dye fabric,  These were made to use in a session of TBASSS (The Broke Ass Sisters Sewing Soiree).

some of the brighter colors...

The finished quilt from the fabrics that I dyed.  I have some that I did not use so I can do another one!

ANOTHER kaliedescope quilt? Yup... Except this time I went really crazy...I just kept buying fabrics for this quilt that I wanted to put on my couch......

I had to use up some of the fabrics so I log cabin pieced the back of the quilt......

Then I decided to cover the pillows on the couch... just so it would all coodinate.....

It makes a very nice bed!

The couch in daytime...

I couldn't quit... I was on a roll.... I covered the arms of the couch....

Made a little caddy for the remotes... and of course my glasses needed a home....

I did the free motion quilting stippling in a very small configuration.  and made sure I covered every joint of every hexagon!

Close up of pillows

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